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Jeanne Lajoie (climber)

Jeanne Lajoie (climber)


Bred by Edward P. Sima (United States, 1975).

Climber, Miniature, Cl., Patio Rose, Cl..  

Pink.  Mild fragrance.  40 petals.  Double (17-25 petals) bloom form.  Blooms in flushes throughout the season.  

Arching, climbing.  
Height of 7' to 10' (215 to 305 cm).  Width of 8' to 10' (245 to 305 cm).

USDA zone 4b through 11.  Disease susceptibility: very disease resistant.  

seed:Casa Blanca (large Flowered Climber, Sima 1968) × Independence

The Saville family has been growing roses at Nor'East Miniature Roses in Rowley, Massachusetts, for over thirty years. Harm Saville started the ball rolling as his hobby of growing Miniature Roses grew into a business of not only growing roses but selling them as well. Now, his son, John, oversees the growing of a quarter million Miniature Roses each year. With that many roses at work, "you'd think the last thing I'd like to do is go home and take care of more roses," John says, "in fact, I have only about 50 roses at home and most of these are unnamed seedlings in my test garden. Of the introduced varieties in my yard, I have only three. A huge 'Climbing Rainbow's End' by the mailbox always attracts lots of attention.'Jeanne Lajoie' graces the entryway near my front door and 'Absolutely' blooms its fool head off in the corner of the test garden (it's a graduate!)"

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